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Tang dynasty beauty sweet atmosphere, discussion about smell marketing knowledge

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Smell marketing means the fragrance, in all the human senses, smell is the most sensitive and is most closely associated with memory and emotional senses. Science has shown that each person's nose can memorize ten thousand kinds of taste, and smell is twice as tall as than visual accuracy of memory. From the existing theoretical research, the most can promote the moving of the subconscious, resulting in memory, love, comfort, happiness and so on all sorts of emotional state, so the olfactory image recognition is most worthy of praise highly.

The research results show that people remember the smell of a year ago accuracy is 65%, memories have seen pictures of 3 months ago, however, the accuracy is only 50%. From the anatomical point of view, the sense of smell connects the hippocampus and the amygdala, was the only one is required to make a transshipment, can interact with the brain's memory system of consciousness. Sensory organ that is to say, we are all thinking, later only to smell, the brain is first reaction to be thinking.

Seoul, South Korea, the Dunkin 'so (Dunkin Donuts) installed in the bus with advertising, spread the fragrance of coffee machine, is located in the store near the bus station so increased by 16%, sales increased by 29%. Aroma fragrance supplier 360 results in the United States, said in a charming scent of shopping space, the customer's extended stay by 44%, purchase intentions is also improved, this is the sense of smell marketing role.

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