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Sweet atmosphere oil classification

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Sweet atmosphere oil is what?

Aromatherapy essential oil from the plants of fragrance, extracted plant essence, also is often said that the plant hormones. With full of aromatherapy oil volatile, can completely soluble in alcohol and oil.


The basic classification

[] pure essential oils for one hundred percent pure natural plant essential oil, oil (unilateral), single (compound) composite oil, base oil (base oil) three, expensive.

[] compound essential oils with lots of cheap made from synthetic spices to add a small amount of pure essential oils. Prices are low.

[vaporizing oil] in 95% isopropyl alcohol and 5% pure essential oil made from the single oil, price moderate.

One of the important functions of sweet atmosphere oil is applied in the interior of sweet atmosphere, plays an indispensable role in the sweet atmosphere oil, use of sweet atmosphere oil can eliminate peculiar smell and purify the air space, improve the style of the space can create a commercial space to make people feel comfortable and pleasant; We all know that different sweet atmosphere oil, essential oil with different features are also different: some can soothe emotions, relieve stress; Some can make people enthusiastic, energetic; Some sleeping...

Through the space of fragrance flavoring system can improve such as hotels, stores, monopoly store, leisure places, sales department, and so on these places different feelings and memories of commercial brand, increase health feeling of the space, to improve the quality of property management and service, etc.


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