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Expansion of incense machine working principle is what

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      Expansion of incense machine industry also called aroma, sweet atmosphere machine, sweet atmosphere, sweet atmosphere system, add incense machine, incense, expanding oil incense machine, etc. Its use place mainly hotels, office buildings, sales center, KTV, bars, cinemas and other high-end clubs, by expanding incense machine by ultra-small smoke, sweet atmosphere oil atomizing particle diffusion out of fragrance, thus make the whole space with comfortable fragrance.

What is expanding incense machine working principle? Expanding machine starts to produce pressure, then the airflow to the atomizer, forming a powerful pressure which makes oil storage tanks inside the oil hit a small atomized particles diffuse out of the particles are formed in the air the taste of sweet atmosphere oil, through the central air conditioning air pipe or the air flow will be spread to all areas.

Expansion of machine is what? It is said that in the early medieval French royalty, people begin to use perfume in the air so as to build the atmosphere that gives a kind of aromatic and environment. However, recent expansion machine, was born at the end of last century, the beginning is a five-star hotel in Los Angeles a lady in the hotel to use perfume, accidentally poured perfume on the street.

Check-out when medics up, how he can't get clean the taste, he told his supervisor, head of a came into the room was that kind of perfume, attracted. He said please stop you clean, I need you to tell me what is the taste of this kind of perfume? In this way, the hotel began to space experiment with perfume, customers reflect the good, the space expansion came into use incense machine. Then gradually spread to Europe and around the world by the United States.


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